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Ellin House, 42 Kingfield Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, S11 9AS

Ellin House, 42 Kingfield Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, S11 9AS

Teeth whitening is a fast and effective way to radically transform your smile.

As a dental practice that places aesthetics at the heart of everything we do, we’re proud to have partnered with Enlighten® Evolution to help bring a whiter, brighter smile to our patients.

What is teeth whitening?

Put very simply, teeth whitening involves the application of a bleach solution to your teeth in order to make them appear whiter and brighter.

Which teeth whitening treatments do you offer?

At Harley Private Dental we offer a combination at-home and in-chair teeth whitening treatment from Enlighten® Evolution as well as home-based teeth-whitening treatments.

If you’re interested in teeth whitening and would like to discuss your options with us further, you can contact us here at the practice and we will develop a treatment plan that works for you.

Home-Based Teeth Whitening

Home-based teeth whitening is a great option for anyone looking to enhance and brighten their smile at home.

What is home-based teeth whitening?

Home-based teeth whitening allows patients to access dentist-approved teeth whitening treatments in the comfort of their own home. Designed to work around your own schedule, home-based teeth whitening is fast and effective and has the ability to transform your smile.

How does home-based teeth whitening work?

We will fit you for your whitening trays here at the practice, and you can choose which whitening gel you’d like to wear with them. The trays will be made for you in a laboratory so that they fit your mouth securely and comfortably.

How long does the treatment take?

Most home-based teeth whitening treatments take up to two weeks to produce results.

How long do the results last for?

Many patients report results lasting for up to eighteen months. Once your trays have been made for you, you can purchase more whitening gel should you decide you’d like to ‘top up’ your teeth whitening.

Enlighten® Evolution

At Harley Private Dental we’re proud to work with Enlighten® Evolution to help our patients discover the bright, selfie-worthy smile of their dreams.

What is Enlighten® Evolution?

Enlighten® Evolution are experts when it comes to teeth-whitening. They have developed a highly effective combination teeth-whitening treatment that utilises both at-home teeth-whitening and an in-chair treatment for brilliant results.

What is the treatment like?

If you decide to whiten your teeth using Enlighten® Evolution, you will first be fitted for your teeth-whitening trays here at the practice. We’ll take an impression of your mouth, which will then be sent off to the laboratory where your custom trays will be made.

Once the trays are ready to be worn, you can choose between Enlighten® Evolution’s range of teeth-whitening gels to wear with them. Enlighten have both a day and a night gel, so you can decide whether you’d prefer to wear your trays overnight or for a couple of hours during the day.

The home-based portion of the treatment lasts for roughly two weeks, at the end of which you’ll return to us here at Harley Private Dental to receive your in-chair treatment. Thanks to the at-home whitening, your teeth will be better prepared for the in-chair treatment, and patients love the results they get. Some patients even report results of teeth up to 16 shades whiter.

How long does teeth-whitening last?

Depending on your lifestyle, the results of this treatment can last indefinitely, although factors such as smoking, and drinking tea, coffee, or red wine can affect the longevity of the treatment. We recommend continuing to wear your trays and whitening gel once a month to prolong the treatment. Using Enlighten® Evolution’s Evo-white toothpaste or Tooth Serum should also help.

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