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5 Common Misconceptions About Root Canal Treatment

The severe pain and discomfort associated with having an infection in your root canal can be unbearable. But for many people, this unwanted toothache is often overshadowed by the utter dread they feel when they realise they’ll need root canal treatment.

Infections in the root canal happen when bacteria enter the dental pulp at the core of your tooth. As a result of penetrating tooth decay, the infection of the mix of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves will lead to the death of the tooth if you don’t take action.

Root canal treatments have a reputation for being painful. But is the fear associated with the procedure fair? Should you worry about having root canal treatment?

The answer is a resounding no. Root canal treatments are routine, safe, and effective. Here are five common misconceptions about the procedure and why you shouldn’t delay getting help for your root canal infection.

1. It’s Easier To Extract a Tooth

Root canal treatment involves us making a small hole in your tooth to access your pulp chamber. Once inside, we’ll extract the infected pulp. This will solve the problem of any dental pain and prevent the infection from spreading further. 

Treatment is always our first choice in these circumstances. If a tooth can be saved, we’d always suggest keeping it. An extraction may be a swift procedure that removes the entire problem – but it’s not an ideal solution.

Removing teeth leaves you open to several problems. Decay and gum disease become greater risks. The loss of a tooth can also cause dental drifting over time. Neighbouring teeth may gradually slide into the new space, and become misaligned. 

Another major problem is resorption. This loss of jaw bone density occurs when the underlying bone no longer has a tooth to support it. Gradually, the bone will become depleted as it slowly breaks down and is reabsorbed into the bloodstream. 

2. Root Canal Treatment Hurts

Once upon a time, this may have been true. However, with the advances in modern dentistry, we can better manage the pain. We’ll give you highly effective anaesthetics that completely block out any discomfort in the treatment area. 

3. Root Canal Treatment Often Fails

You may have heard horror stories about infections coming back after root canal treatment, or that someone knows someone else that lost their tooth even though they had the procedure. The fact is that the success rate for root canal treatments is actually very high.

We carry out root canal treatments frequently, as do many other dentists. These days, it’s much easier for us to see whether we’ve cleared the infected pulp so we can be certain that your treatment is effective.

4. Having Root Canal Treatment Kills the Tooth

As bacteria enter your root canal and spread, it eventually causes an abscess and the tooth will die. The infection doesn’t stop there. Untreated root canal infections can lead to severe health problems affecting other parts of your body. 

By removing the infected pulp, we can save your tooth and it won’t die. You may be left with some cosmetic discolouration on your tooth which can be addressed using internal bleaching or covered with a crown; however, your tooth will be very much still alive.

5. Root Canal Treatment Takes a Long Time

In the past, this may have been the case. But nowadays, with the tools at our disposal, we can often perform the procedure in one sitting that usually takes less than two hours.

Once we’ve finished, we’ll close the entry hole with a filling. In some cases, we might suggest coming back at a later date and capping the tooth with a crown

Don’t Put Off Getting Your Root Canal Treatment

Root canal infections will always get worse and cause more harm. We can save your tooth and alleviate your pain and discomfort. If you’re concerned that you may have an infection, don’t delay – come and see us.

Give us a call today to arrange your appointment.

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